Waking a Leviathan

From Historic Atlanta Sears to
Ponce City Market

A Photojournal by Dustin Grau

“Explore what existed at the historic Sears Roebuck & Co. building in Atlanta, Georgia as it transforms into Ponce City Market. Located on the site of the namesake Ponce de Leon springs and amusement park, this visual journal documents several of the former southeast icon's changes from 2008 to 2017.”

Current Edition (2nd ed.)

Proudly on sale at Posman Books Atlanta located conveniently at Ponce City Market itself!
Also available online through Amazon and Barnes & Noble .

Previous Edition (1st ed.)

The original printing of "Waking a Leviathan", still available through Blurb. A physical copy is available as a print-on-demand, fine-art book on photographic paper in two size options: standard and large. For those who prefer a more lightweight version, an ePub-format eBook is also available for download. A full preview of the book is available for viewing by following either link to a printable copy.

View more exclusive images and backstory here in the journal "Journey to the Center of a Leviathan" which details the major events from 2008-2016 leading up to the creation of this book.